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Fortnite Players Annoyed by Fall Damage

Fortnite gamers have encountered a new glitch that causes large amounts of fall damage, but there appears to be an easy solution to avoid it. Fortnite players are frustrated by the fall damage issue.

Fortnite gamers have expressed dissatisfaction with a new fall-damage glitch that has the potential to cause catastrophic consequences. The problem appears to be related to one of the goods added in Fortnite’s recent update.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 2 update featured a partially revamped map, new weaponry, and Mythic goods. These goods include the Thunderbolt of Zeus and the Wings of Icarus, with the latter allowing users to fly, divebomb, and avoid fall damage while equipped. Another Mythic power, the Chains of Hades, will be introduced later in the season. While present powers have proven to be useful tools, they may also introduce new, frustrating issues.

Dragathor, a Reddit user, posted a movie on the FortniteBR subreddit depicting their sad fate while utilising the Wings of Icarus. The user was attempting to employ the Wings’ fall-damage bonus by equipping the item while sliding down a steep cliff face. However, just before reaching the bottom, the user unequipped the Wings while still moving at a slow speed, leading them to plummet for the final foot or so. For some reason, the modest low-speed fall resulted in tremendous fall damage, causing the user to perish instantly. The game appeared to be perplexed by the player’s use of the Wings, concluding that they dropped the full length of the cliff face, rather than the actual scenario in which the user slowly glided down it.

It’s unclear when Fortnite’s latest flaws will be fixed. Fans do, however, have a fair idea when Fortnite’s Avatar: The Last Airbender event will begin, which appears to be in mid to late April if datamined leaks are accurate. During the event, customers can get Avatar-inspired things including an Aang skin and an Appa glider.

For those wishing to level up their battle pass in the early days of Chapter 5 Season 2, Fortnite has recently included the Oracle’s Snapshot task. Each of the 14 quests rewards you with 10,000 XP.

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