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Following the cancellation of the reported story DLCs, GTA 5 fans have decided to boycott GTA Online.

Angry Grand Theft Auto fans intend to boycott GTA Online when rumors surfaced that Rockstar scrapped eight story DLCs for GTA 5.

Leaked GTA 5 source code has disclosed a wealth of information about manufactured game material, including Bully 2, GTA Tokyo, Agent, and various story DLCs for GTA 5.

According to the files, GTA 5 DLC would include a return to Liberty City, a North Yankton expansion, and much more. Unfortunately, these were never released, prompting players to believe that the success of GTA Online’s live service business model was to blame.
With GTA 6 expected to come in 2025 and certainly include its own upgraded version of GTA Online, users are already trying to avoid it to avoid a repetition of the GTA 5 DLC catastrophe.

Players are preparing to boycott Grand Theft Auto VI Online following Rockstar’s decision to cancel story DLC.

On social media, single-player GTA fans criticized GTA Online users for Rockstar’s decision to postpone DLC and threatened to target GTA 6.

“Every single one of you is to fault for purchasing microtransactions in GTA Online. Smh. “What a shambles,” said one GTA enthusiast.

“Rockstar Games will suffer as a result of this,” stated one user who provided a screenshot of the DLC list.

“Liberty V as the last single player DLC and I’m seeing videos of some online DLC with characters from IV,” a different person stated. “All of this was scrapped to shove the ideas in the stupid ass of the internet because they sell a bazillion shark cards.” I’m not touching 6 because of this sh*t.”

“Rockstar really let GTA: Online rob us of 8 Single-Player DLCs,” another said.

“Vote with your wallets, and don’t spend money on GTA 6 Online,” someone else advised.

Given the tremendous buzz for GTA 6, it’ll be interesting to watch how many players maintain their word and don’t touch the game’s online component, or if Rockstar will release story content for VI regardless of its performance.


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