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Former League of Legends pro blasts out “useless” LCS managers and coaches.

Revenge, a former LoL pro who spent years in the LCS as a top laner, announced his retirement following the best split of his career. He cited a lack of job stability and a desire to return to education as his primary reasons for leaving, while believing there was more he could do as a professional athlete.

Revenge appeared on an episode of Hotline League after retiring to discuss his time in the LCS, and he wasn’t afraid to speak candidly about the ecosystem.

On the newest episode of Travis Gafford’s Hotline League, he stated that 90% of coaches are “useless” and lashed out team management as a whole, saying they were “r*tarded”.

Revenge hits LCS management and coaching staff

Revenge spent the majority of his tenure in the LCS with Immortals, a team that may have peaked during their debut 2016 split. While their current lineup is performing significantly better than projected, the team has spent years at the basement of the standings. Then IMT decided to replace him with Solo in Summer 2023.

“If you compare [Solo’s] performance in Spring Split to mine – in scrims and on stage – and decide to go with Solo instead? That is why you are the bottom team. That’s why you shouldn’t run this organisation. If you’re prepared to leave me teamless in order to sign someone else, given how [Solo] and I played that split, you don’t understand the game or how to construct a team.”

Revenge also said that IMT’s motto was to “go 10th” regardless, thus he didn’t have much faith in his organisation. He didn’t think much of EG either, claiming they had the infrastructure of a “bottom team” following the layoffs, which is corroborated by Dexerto’s claims that even EG’s management anticipated the squad to fail.
He went on to say that “90% of coaches are useless” and had harsh words for most LCS general managers. It began with Revenge complimenting GoldenGlue, a coach who has helped 100 Thieves become a surprising top contender in the LCS.

However, GoldenGlue’s success with a roster of youthful players led Revenge to assume that other LCS managers aren’t doing a good job of team development.

“I’m overjoyed that [Goldenglue] is finally a head coach. The guy has a fantastic personality and understands how to coach. He’s a prime illustration of how incompetent esports general managers are. I’m sorry to say it, but – I know some of you are watching, but you guys can be so r*tarded at times.”

His contempt for some of the folks working behind the scenes at the LCS was palpable. He, like many other pros who performed well last year, has been left without a team. It remains to be seen whether any other LCS players follow Revenge’s lead and decide to stop seeking for new teams.
Revenge was not entirely negative when it came to answering questions about his time in the LCS. He shared warm words for former colleagues IgNar and Jojopyun, and he doesn’t appear to regret his decision to play professionally.


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