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Sega attributes its dismal financial quarter to “weak” sales of recent titles.

However, boundless wealth awaits in the future.

Sega reported dismal financial results for the past quarter, citing the “weak” success of some recent games.

While exact sales figures are not provided in its most recent report, titles released in the last quarter include Sonic Superstars, Persona 5 Tactica, Total War: Pharaoh, and Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

Despite the company’s decreased prediction, its most recent announcements indicate a more promising quarter ahead.
Sega’s Entertainment segment generated sales of 219.3 million yen in the fourth quarter (a 4.2 percent rise year on year), but ordinary income of 19.7 million yen, a 52.5 percent decrease year on year.

Sega attributed the boost in sales to the acquisition of mobile game firm Rovio, although profit declined as certain new titles “went weak”.

Back in December, Total War creator Creative Assembly apologized for “mistakes” with the series and offered partial refunds for Pharaoh on Steam in response to concerns about its high price and lack of content.

Sega’s prior financial disclosure revealed that Nintendo’s simultaneous release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder had an impact on Sonic Superstars.

Like A Dragon Gaiden and Persona 5 Tactica, two larger games in each series were launched in the last month to great popularity.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth sold one million copies in its first week, making it the fastest-selling game in the series. It was the series’ most successful Steam launch to date.

Meanwhile, Persona 3 Reload has sold one million copies in less than a week, making it Atlus’ fastest-selling game ever.

The future looks brighter, as Atlus has another game in the works: strategy RPG Unicorn Overlord from Vanillaware.


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