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Gaming’s Name Pronunciation Sparks Debate in Genshin Impact Community: Streamer Atsu Clears the Air

A GAMING! Controversy

The introduction of Gaming, a new character in Genshin Impact, has generated a linguistic discussion among members of the community. The pronunciation of Gaming’s name caused controversy among fans. This sparked debates, theories, and even lighthearted humor. In response to the misunderstanding, popular Genshin Impact streamer AsianGuyStream, commonly known as Atsu, stepped in to explain how to pronounce Gaming in Genshin Impact.

Who is Gaming in Genshin Impact

Gaming works as a Transport Guard for the Sword and Strongbox Secure Transport Agency. He delivers freight and accompany merchants between Liyue Harbour and Yilong Wharf. In his spare time or when he has nothing else to do, he visits the Xinyue Kiosk to eat dim sum, drink tea, and socialize with his friends.

He also leads a Wushou Dance ensemble called the “Mighty Mythical Beasts.” Unfortunately, the dancing form is not well-known in Geo’s Land, but he aims to popularize it in Liyue Harbour.

The Controversy Over Gaming’s Name

People voiced concern about the veracity of the translation after the disclosure of Gaming on social media. They proposed putting a space between “Ga” and “ming.” This sparked hilarious jokes about the persona, as well as jokes about a future figure known as “eSports.” The discussion focused on Hoyo and whether the name accurately conveyed its Chinese inspiration.

Insights from Genshin Impact Streamer AsianGuyStream

AsianGuyStream, a well-known Genshin Impact streamer, addressed the name dispute. Atsu stated on social media and on his broadcast that Gaming’s name should not be split in two because it would imply a surname (Ga) and a given name (ming). Instead, he stressed that Gaming is the given name and that it should be pronounced “gah-ming.” Atsu was compared to other characters in the game. And underlined the significance of paying attention to the character’s whole name. He also emphasized the variation in name localization in Genshin Impact.

Debates and Expectations

While Atsu provided explanation for many fans, discussions regarding HoYoverse’s purported poor localization of Gaming’s name raged on. Some admirers believed that the name should be more closely related to the Chinese pronunciation, suggesting “Kaming” instead. This sparked a debate over the level of language correctness expected in a game influenced by Chinese culture.


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