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MW3 players demand solutions as cheaters continue to plague matches

After an official update shared that over 23,000 accounts have been banned, MW3 players have taken it upon themselves to brainstorm additional measures to combat cheaters.

Activision introduced Ricochet in 2021, an all-new anti-cheat technology, in an attempt to tackle cheaters in all modes.

Two years later, the anti-cheat system appears to be on its last legs, as cheaters abound in MW3 and Warzone. It’s come to the point where some players can’t determine if their opponents are obviously cheating or simply strong at the game.

CoD players explore solutions to the MW3 cheating problem.

MW3 players gathered together to think about what should be done to prevent cheaters after reflecting on the condition of the game, with 23,000 accounts banned since mid-November.”For ranked, they should consider making it only accessible after hitting level 100+ to prevent new accounts from hacking after a ban,” the most recent comment said. Similar mechanisms exist in Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege, where it prevents players from playing until they meet account conditions.

On the other side, others complimented the anti-cheat appears to be “learning,” if it is properly developed. Others criticised the elimination of the option to toggle cross-play on or off. Aside from that, because player trust is at an all-time low, the topic deteriorated into charges of “skill issue” once more.

On the one hand, banning 23,000 accounts seems like a good start. However, when you consider MW3’s free access weekend in December, it feels like a drop in the ocean of cheats.While Ricochet is evolving swiftly, many players believe that the cheater problem in MW3 and Warzone is out of control. Stay tuned for more information, as well as an increase in the number of cheats banned in-game.


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