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New gilt PUBG Mobile skins: Foxy Flare, Decisive Day, and more

A new Esports Fantasy event on PUBG Mobile offers several mythic and legendary goodies. The trailer showcased the stunning treasures, including the gilded, ultimate Foxy Flare set, Decisive Day AKM skin, and more, on November 26, 2023, via the game’s social media networks. It began on November 27 and will end on December 21, 2023 (UTC+0).

If you’re willing to spend Unknown Cash (UCs) on in-game collectibles, don’t miss the event.

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Esports Fantasy includes epic products including the Foxy Flare Hoverboard, Backpack, emote, and Decisive Day AKM skin. Legendary goods are rarer in-game exclusives than mythic variations. Additionally, the former is considered more beautiful than the latter.

Additionally, the event contains the ultimate Foxy Flare outfit, which includes a lobby-exclusive emote and headgear. List of additional event collectibles:

Enchantress hat and outfit.
Enchantress aircraft and buggy skin.
Old gold Spectral Swan outfit, headpiece, and emote.
Electro Gems.
Half Gems.
Materials for development.
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