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New In Town Hall 16!

Town Hall 16 Is Coming! It’s a Force of Nature...

With its tree-inspired architecture, Town Hall 16’s natural theme is obvious. Even the Giga Inferno beam from Town Hall 16 is like an amplified solar blast from the sun.

You’ll be relieved to learn that the Giga Inferno weapon in Town Hall 16 only has one level! The Giga Inferno is still a formidable force that will attempt to roast invading units. Furthermore, after the Town Hall is demolished, a Poison effect is still activated!

TH16 Giga Inferno

  • Damage Type: Multiple Targets
  • Targets: Ground & Air

New Upgrade Levels

Upgrading to TH16 also brings new upgrade levels for numerous Buildings, Defenses, and Units!





Level 17 Walls

Unit Upgrade Levels

Barbarian King Levels

Archer Queen Levels

Grand Warden Levels

Royal Champion Levels

Troop Levels

New Spell Levels


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