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Open-World Factory Sim Satisfactory Will Finally Launch Version 1.0 This Year

The launch date is approaching.

Satisfactory 1.0 will be released later this year, according to a video update from Coffee Stain Studios.

Today, Studio Community Manager Snutt Treptow unveiled the 1.0 plans, as well as a clearly authentic roadmap complete with guns, fast automobiles, and romantic animals. There is no release date yet, but the developer is sure that there will be no more Early Access upgrades to wait for before the complete factory-building experience is accessible.

According to Coffee Stain, Satisfactory 1.0 will include new material, improvements for long-standing flaws, an endgame and narrative, and other features. Treptow states that when these final elements are worked out, there will be “next to no patches for the game until the full release.”

“Back in 2021, when we released Update 5, we sort of divided our focus into two development tracks,” he told me. “One track was dedicated to the content that would appear in each subsequent update, while the other featured stuff specifically designed for the 1.0 release. So, our attention at the studio has been divided between handling update launches and everything that comes with them, as well as working on additional content that we didn’t want to share until the game was fully released.”
Late last year, Coffee Stain pulled these two teams together to go full speed into 1.0. He believes that now that both branches are combined, it is “no longer possible for us to release any major patches in between them.” Treptow states that all of the work on issues large and small will be released when the Satisfactory launch build arrives, including the effort put into things like dedicated servers.

Coffee Stain says it’s still in Alpha but is getting close to completing the feature-complete Beta level. Once that milestone is met, participants can expect to learn about a closed Beta test. Click here to sign up for this limited test.

Satisfactory entered Early Access on the Epic Games Store in March 2019, about five years ago. It has since undergone multiple upgrades and is now available on Steam. Development will continue once the launch build is delivered, though it is “up in the air and yet to be decided” what post-launch will look like.


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