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Palworld is officially the biggest third party launch ever on Xbox Game Pass

If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Palworld, a multiplayer survival game that is similar to Pokémon.

Palworld, developed by Pocket Pair, was rather unfairly labeled “Pokémon with guns” before to its premiere. But it’s far more than that. Sure, it shares many similarities, such as the creatures of its planet, which have piqued the interest of not just Pokémon fans but even The Pokémon Company. However, while the creature parallels are striking, they can equally be interpreted as parodies.
Palworld and Xbox will collaborate much more closely from now on, since the developers hope to grow and improve the port.

Palworld appears to be unstoppable now, having sold over 19 million downloads on Steam in such a short period of time. Despite criticism that it is too similar to Pokémon, supporters enjoy it and protect it against anyone who speaks adversely about it.
While its major audience is on PC, it is presently free to play on Xbox if you have Xbox Game Pass. It has been reported that the Xbox version of the game is of worse quality than the PC version, however this appears to be changing soon.

Aside from the planned new roadmap, the Palworld team has announced that they will collaborate with Xbox to develop and grow the console version of the game, resulting in a better overall experience.

This includes setting up dedicated servers, updating the game on a regular basis to ensure compatibility with the PC version, and optimising it to improve performance and reduce bugs and glitches that hinder gameplay.


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