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Riot announces official name, release window for upcoming fighting game Project L

Riot Games has revealed details about its next fighting game, including the title, 2XKO, and a broad release timeframe.

The game, previously codenamed Project L, is set to be launched on most platforms in 2025, following many playtests and public presentations in 2024.
2XKO is a highly anticipated upcoming fighting game developed by Radiant Entertainment, which Riot Games bought in 2016.

The game was officially unveiled as Project L in November 2021. It will use a tag team structure, with each player managing two characters: the primary character, Point, and the supporting character, Assist.

The game’s Executive Producer, Tom Cannon, said in a blog post that it will be released sometime in 2025. Meanwhile, the game’s creators will post more play testing and content on social media in 2024.

Riot Games has announced that the game will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and X.

The first significant playable demo access will be available during the forthcoming EVO Japan event in April, with at-home play testing beginning before the end of the year. Riot has stated that interested players can sign up for the test immediately via the official website.

The game made its first public appearance as a playable title during an EVO event, EVO 2023, in Las Vegas, United States.

Cannon, the Executive Producer, stated in a video that the game’s focus will be on grassroots esports and expanding the scene. He stated that Riot is “learning a lot” from the input that players provide.

Although the demo will be exhibited at Evo Japan, Cannon stated that the game will be featured at other events throughout the year, as well as smaller events around the world.

Riot Games has also opened official 2XKO social media channels, which will be used to communicate development updates and content.

Riot’s fighting game project looks to be unaffected by the company’s recent layoff round, which saw 500 cuts across Legends of Runeterra, third-party publishing label Riot Forge, and esports workers.


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