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Rise of the Ronin countdown: Exact start time and release date

Team Ninja's latest adventure begins.

Rise of the Ronin, a highly anticipated open-world RPG from developer Team Ninja, will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5. If you’re intrigued, you’ll want to know when it’ll be released and at what time so you can start playing right away.
The release date for Rise of the Ronin is slated for Friday, March 22, 2024. While Sony and Team Ninja appear to have agreed on this, delays can occur at any time, no matter how near a date appears to be. So, while I would circle March 22 on your calendar, keep in mind that delays may still occur between now and then.
There’s no official start time just yet. The creators have yet to announce a release date for Rise of the Ronin, as they are most likely in the process of assuring no delays in the last stretch. However, if recent releases are any indicator, we should expect Rise of the Ronin to be released at midnight EST or about 12pm EST (5pm GMT)—though these are, of course, merely predictions at this point.
When Rise of the Ronin is launched, it will be available solely on the PlayStation 5. The game is set in late-1800s Japan and has a fully open world with many RPG elements. It also focuses on combat, so expect to spend the most of your time duelling your way through the world and storyline.

While Ronin is not a real Souls-like title, it can be hard if you make it such. However, the developers have said multiple times in marketing that it is “highly accessible”.


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