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Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games is reorganising and anticipating workforce layoffs.

The layoff toll for 2024 continues to rise, as Until Dawn creator Supermassive Games enters a “period of consultation,” which will most certainly result in job losses. Supermassive is only one of many game production businesses that have experienced similar reorganisations and layoffs.
On February 26, the corporation declared on X (previously Twitter) that it is “undertaking a reorganisation” and “entering a period of consultation.” The consultations and reorganisation would most certainly end in personnel cutbacks and layoffs, the business concedes, adding that it is not a choice it is “taking lightly.” The firm claims it is refocusing on its “core strengths and upcoming titles” to ensure Supermassive’s long-term viability. The Until Dawn developer has therefore joined the wave of 2024 gaming layoffs, which has already far surpassed the previous year’s total—and we’re just two months in.
Supermassive Games is best known for developing the interactive horror game Until Dawn and the horror anthology series The Dark Pictures. Their upcoming projects include Little Nightmares 3 and Directive 8020, another film in The Dark Pictures series. The company’s games have received generally excellent reviews from critics and players alike, with rare exceptions, particularly in the response of several “episodes” of The Dark Pictures.
Gaming layoffs in 2024 are a severe and growing issue, mostly affecting large business companies like as Activision-Blizzard, who laid off 1,900 staff in January. Unity also underwent significant downsizing, with 1,800 devs losing their positions at the company. Many more have gone through similar experiences, increasing the total number of employment losses in game development to almost 6,000 in less than two months.

To put things in perspective, 6,000 to 7,000 positions were slashed throughout 2023. Whatever the reasons, it’s certainly a rocky start, even with all of the fantastic games that have emerged in the last 60 days, including Helldivers 2 and Palworld, both of which were made by smaller studios.


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