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Rumor: Genshin Impact Will Introduce A New Adepti in Version 4.4

The latest Genshin Impact leak hints at an Adepti being added to the game in version 4.4, which will be released in early 2024.

    • Genshin Impact version 4.4 will introduce a new Adepti character named Fujin, who resides in Chenyu Vale and is described as a minor deity.
    •  Players can explore new sections in the northwest of Liyue, which will fill in gaps in the map and introduce interesting NPCs, enemies, and Statues of the Seven.
    •  In addition to the map expansion, version 4.4 will also bring new gacha banners, including Cloud Retainer as a five-star Catalyst support character, and expand the enemy roster in the Spiral Abyss for a greater combat challenge.

    According to a recent Genshin Impact leak, a new Adepti will be launched in version 4.4 in 2024. Genshin Impact gamers will be able to explore new areas that are said to fill in various holes in the northwest of Liyue. Not only will the game’s map be expanded in version 4.4, but a couple of gacha banners will be accessible on the existing banner for a limited time. Cloud Retainer, a five-star Catalyst wielding who will serve as a support, is one such banner.

    A couple of Genshin Impact leaks recently revealed more insight on the Liyue map expansion, suggesting that it would become even larger with two new places, including Chenyu Vale, which will purportedly house interesting NPCs. Along with update 4.4, there will be a new explorable sector in the centre between Stormterror’s Laiir and Qingce Village. According to reports, they will include not just NPCs and opponents, but also various Statues of the Seven to which players can teleport to roam over Liyue.The most recent FouL Genshin Impact leak suggests that a new Adepti will be added to the game in version 4.4 next year. It appears that Chenyu Vale will expose gamers to a Teapot Realm NPC named Fujin. Many fans believe Fujin is an Adepti located in Genshin Impact’s Liyue region because she is classified as a minor deity. Furthermore, the leak displays her in-game model, who is dressed in an orange frock with green charms.
    On Reddit, fellow Genshin Impact gamers are enthused about Fujin, with some claiming she will be playable in the future. Given that Cloud Retainer, which will be included in version 4.4, is also an Adepti, the Fujin leak is likely to be accurate.

    The Adepti of Genshin Impact are a group of magical creatures dedicated to defending the Liyue region from enemies. These mythical creatures that may assume humanoid shapes include Yanfei, Ganyu, and Madame Ping. They not only cleanse Liyue of evil, but also help people develop civilization.

    Along with an Adepti and explorable locations, Genshin Impact version 4.4 will enhance the enemy roster for the Spiral Abyss to provide players with a true battle challenge. Fortunately, there will be new Curios that will provide them useful benefits. According to leaks and rumours regarding 4.4, Genshin Impact gamers will have a lot to look forward to in the future edition.


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