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Valorant Game Changers EMEA 2024 roadmap: Dates, format, and more

The excitement for Valorant esports in 2024 is strong, especially among the ladies competing in the Game Changers EMEA. The dedication to establishing possibilities for women in Riot Games’ shooter has been unwavering, as evidenced by players such as ‘devilasxa,’ ‘didii,’ and ‘Thu.’

The Game Changers EMEA 2024 roadmap offers interesting advances. The year begins with the Game Changers EMEA Kickoff, which includes an Open Qualifier (OQ) and a Closed Qualifier (CQ).In the OQ, 128 teams will compete in a single-elimination tournament for four coveted positions in the CQ. The CQ, a double-elimination bracket, will then identify the top eight teams that will advance to the first round of the 2024 tournament.

All about the Valorant Game Changers EMEA 2024 Roadmap

Game Changers EMEA & EMEA Contenders

Stage 1 of VCT Game Changers EMEA will witness the participation of eight qualified teams alongside two invited teams – BBL Queens and G2 Gozen.

The switch to a 10-team structure increases competition while shining a greater spotlight on the individuals and their experiences. The stakes are enormous, with the bottom two teams demoted to Contenders, where 30 other teams await advancement.

Contenders, now a prominent competition, will host teams from regional Valorant tournaments, OQ qualifiers, and relegated teams. Only the top two teams from this pool will advance to Stage 2 of Game Changers EMEA.

This cycle is repeated for Stage 2 before the champions are determined during Stage 3.

Open Qualifiers: Rules and requirements

For players aspiring to participate in the Valorant Open Qualifiers, adherence to specific rules and requirements is crucial. All participants in the OQ must maintain a rank of Platinum 1 or above at the time of registration or during the preceding act. Notably, no roster changes are permitted during the OQ.

Key sign-up windows for the OQ include:

  • January 12 to 23 for the Kickoff
  • March 2 to 13 for the first OQ
  • June 8 to June 19 for the second OQ

Additionally, the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) sign-up windows are:

  • March 9 to 20 for the first
  • June 15 to 26 for the second

Completing player verification is mandatory, involving the submission of a verification request form and sharing information with a designated team member via Discord.

Game Changers EMEA 2024: Key dates

Mark your calendars for the Kickoff, as the OQ will run from January 26 to 28 and the CQ is scheduled for February 3 to 4.

VCT Game Changers EMEA will unfold across three stages:

  • Stage 1: February 16 – March 11
  • Contenders Stage 1: March 30 – April 7
  • Contenders Stage 2: July 6 – 14

Game Changers EMEA 2024: Global qualification

The Valorant Game Changers Championship, the pinnacle of international competition, will retain the qualification structure from 2023. The winner of the final stage in September and the team with the highest circuit points throughout the year will represent EMEA on the global stage.


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