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Rumour: Final Fantasy 9 Details Leaked Online

A leaker has revealed facts about Square Enix's rumoured new take on Final Fantasy 9, including the game's intended scope and consoles.

Rumours about the details of a Final Fantasy 9 game have emerged on Twitter. Final Fantasy has recently gained popularity, with Final Fantasy 16 released in June 2023 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth released on Leap Day, February 29 this year. Audiences may be wondering what the next step is for the series and whether their favourite will be reproduced. Some fans wish for a Final Fantasy 9 remake on the scope of the Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy. The most recent installment, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, takes a much shorter game and expands on every aspect, resulting in a playtime of approximately 41 hours for most players.Some fans may want a remake of Final Fantasy 9 that improves the visuals while making quality-of-life enhancements to a classic. Some consider Final Fantasy 9 to be one of the best RPGs of the 2000s, therefore a remake may be superfluous. Similarly, some recommend staying with the original Final Fantasy 7 for anyone looking to understand why the game became so successful in the first place.

Although nothing is official, there have been previous rumours of a Final Fantasy 9 remake. According to Twitter user Silknigth, people working on the Final Fantasy 9 remake appear to have agreed on the idea of making it as similar to the original as possible, with a smaller budget than the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy. Silknigth reports the game was originally intended for the Nintendo Switch and may have been scaled up for Nintendo’s forthcoming platform. The leaker warns followers not to anticipate official information anytime soon.

This revelation may be intriguing for those wishing for a remake similar to Persona 3 Reload. Reload is an enhanced version of the original game with improved quality of life. In contrast, many fans believe that games like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Remake fundamentally alter too many aspects of the tale to serve as a player’s introduction to the series. The 7 Remake trilogy contains elements that need knowledge of the events of the original Final Fantasy 7 release, ultimately serving as a sequel.

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