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PUBG Cheaters Who Got Banned in 2023

PUBG discloses the total number of cheaters banned in 2023, which is quite huge, as well as new features that will be available this year.

PUBG Studios has disclosed that it would ban over 3.2 million gamers from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2023. The announcement was made as part of a new post detailing PUBG’s intentions for 2024 and commemorating the game’s seventh anniversary.

Cheating has long been a concern in PUBG, as it is in most popular multiplayer FPS games. However, the problem is especially aggravating in a game like this one, where people play long-form bouts while painstakingly amassing loot, only to be immediately eliminated by someone using an aimbot, wallhack, or another third-party tool. PUBG has improved its anti-cheat system over time, but, like most anti-cheats, it has struggled to keep up with the latest exploits. However, this did not prevent PUBG Studios from banning a large number of violators last year.

PUBG’s creator banned nearly 3.2 million cheaters in 2023, a 33% rise over 2022’s total of nearly 2.4 million. According to PUBG Studios, the increased results are due in part to new machine learning-based identification technologies. Throughout 2023, the developer also concentrated on client vulnerabilities and combating violators who found ways to circumvent hardware bans. However, PUBG Studios noted that there is a lot more work to be done before it can truly defeat cheaters in-game. To accomplish so, it intends to improve current measures, such as the implementation of new machine-learning technologies, in order to remain ahead of cheating software.

PUBG cheaters were dealt a big blow in 2023.

3.2 million cheaters were banned.
This represents a 33% increase from previous year.
PUBG’s anti-cheat uses modern methods such as machine learning.

PUBG Studios stated that machine-learning anti-cheat techniques are particularly successful at detecting aimbots and ESPs, two of the most common types of cheating. The developer also stated that it is attempting to improve the recognition of keyboard and mouse users on console, which is another common issue. As previously said, these announcements were part of PUBG’s 2024 roadmap, which included a slew of interesting improvements coming to the game in the future.

According to the plan, PUBG will use Unreal Engine 5 and feature environmental devastation, allowing players to tactically destroy parts of buildings in the same way that Battlefield does. In 2024, PUBG intends to release redesigned versions of old maps that include new features or objects unique to a given season or mode, such as the 7th Anniversary Erangel map, which will be available on March 13.

Other improvements to PUBG in 2024 include bi-monthly gunplay updates that routinely address balancing issues, a new Team vs. Team system, collaborations with other companies or franchises, new goods, and much more. These upgrades may help PUBG retain its continuing popularity, which now stands at a monthly peak of around 640,000 Steam players.

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