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Tyler1 slams ‘paycheck-stealing LCS players’ for allegedly ‘openly griefing’ LoL matches

Tyler1, a League of Legends streamer, spoke about LCS players in his usual forgiving, friendly on-stream tone, calling them “fucking disgusting, social anixety-ridden fuckfaces” and comparing the “dogshit” North American game state to how pros treat their careers in other regions.
These comments were triggered by a solo queue game in which Team Liquid support CoreJJ appeared to be playing below par, with strange movement patterns and plays that one would not anticipate from one of the most decorated LCS players of all time. Tyler1 immediately dissected CoreJJ’s gameplay, analysing occasions on VOD in which he accused the previous world champion of “openly griefing” and “running it down.”
“People wonder why I despise these dogshit paycheck-stealing LCS players so much, that’s why, bro.” Tyler1 said. “Until I ever see any of these fucking disgusting social anxiety ridden fuckfaces perform, unfortunately they all do the same shit.”

Tyler1 used a particularly harsh tone when referring to Academy players, calling them “a complete waste of everybody’s time” given that they play in the professional League for a lesser income than the average pro and have no guarantee of a future career in the game’s scene. Tyler1 exonerated only one player, former Cloud9 support Zven, who the streamer praised for his emotion in solo queue games.

At least he is constant. Tyler1 used the term “paycheck thieves” to describe the larger professional NA playerbase last summer, specifically targeting Academy players.
Tyler1’s major point amid his barrages of strung-together insults was that North American players have effectively given up on their careers and have gotten complacent—a message that has been regurgitated across the League scene since the advent of franchising.

Tyler1 once again criticised CoreJJ, who is not a native North American player, claiming that the region has had a detrimental impact on him: “He’s been here too long, it’s his problem. “The money has been made.”
Tyler1, on the other hand, complimented Korean and Chinese League players for their excitement and readiness to flame people in a single queue situation. Tyler1’s attempt to commend the efforts of Korean and Chinese League pros in this broadcast is particularly amusing, given that just over a year ago, he referred to all LCK and LPL players as “frauds” in another livestream while critiquing Gen.G mid laner Chovy’s skill.


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