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WoW Classic to buff leveling with XP and gold gains, mount cost reduction in next update

For numerous WoW Classic Season of Discovery players, the grind of reaching level 40 in phase two has been taxing. As a result, the Blizzard team has devised three additional adjustments to help speed up the process, which will be implemented in the game soon.
The Discoverer’s Delight experience buff will be boosted from 50% to 100% extra experience. According to one of the WoW Classic creators, this boost was initially scheduled for the start of phase three, which was supposed to be released in April or May, but it has been shifted to the March 5 maintenance update.
In order to fully gear up and take advantage of these boosted experience gains, the base gold reward for all quest rewards for players level 1-39 will be increased, in order to “make questing while leveling a bit more lucrative.” This benefit will not effect players who have reached level 40, nor will it influence the amount of gold gained from completing tasks at level 40.

In addition to spells and gear, the extra money earned will go even further toward obtaining a mount, as the cost of standard race mounts and mount training will be cut “by roughly half” at level 40. The developers stated that there are “no changes planned at this time” to the cost of epic horses at level 60.
When Phase 3 of Season of Discovery debuts in a few months, the WoW Classic team will consider additional leveling adjustments as the level cap is raised to 50. The arduous process of leveling has long been a source of dissatisfaction among WoW Classic fans, particularly those transitioning from the current retail WoW’s hastened XP system.

From personal experience, time spent leveling and the seemingly small amount of money earned from questing while leveling were both major irritants, so it’s great news for all grinders that the experience is getting a significant boost. The game should go offline for maintenance on March 5 and return shortly thereafter with the new improvements.


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