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AP Bren Captures Second World Title in Thrilling M5 World Championship Showdown

The glorious!

The Philippines’ AP Bren won the M5 World Championship with a stunning 4-3 victory over Indonesia’s ONIC Esports in the grand final.

The team made history by becoming the first to win two M-series titles, in addition to their M2 World Championship victory in 2021.

AP Bren survives close M5 World Championship showdown against ONIC Esports

AP Bren won the first game, with Kyle “KyleTzy” Sayon leading the assault with a perfect 3/0/4 KDA on Fredrinn.

In the second game, ONIC Esports rallied back, with Gilang “Sanz” seizing the wheel and delivering an incredible 4/0/10 KDA performance on Gord.

The next two games were won by the Filipino team. In game five, with their backs against the wall, ONIC Esports relied on their comfort heroes Wanwan, Novaria, and Paquito. Bren then chose a defensive strategy with Arlott, Grock, and Fredrinn.

Sanz’s use of Novaria, combined with Kiboy’s well-timed Minoan Fury on Minotaur, gave ONIC Esports an early lead.

Despite Bren’s best efforts, a crucial Lord at the 18-minute mark clinched the deal.

Calvin “CW” Winata’s Wanwan grabbed center stage in the sixth game with a spectacular 9/1/8 KDA, driving the series into a decisive seventh game.

ONIC Esports chose a team-fight-heavy lineup for the last game, comprising Kadita, Yve, and Terizla.

In response, AP Bren picked a roster heavy on crowd control, which resulted in a commanding performance. Sanz had difficulty landing Rough Waves on Kadita owing to the constant crowd control whenever he entered a team battle.

The game changed at the 13-minute mark when AP Bren capitalized on Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol’s Baxia in the midlane.

Despite the efforts of ONIC Esports’ remaining four members to change the tide, two more were killed in the next team fight.

Instead of following the Lord, Bren took a decisive move, charging straight into the vulnerable midlane and eventually winning the best-of-seven series.

The grand final MVP award went to David “FlapTzy” Canon for his remarkable contributions.They earn the lion’s share of the US$900,000 prize fund and are dubbed the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang squad this year.


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