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Epic Games reaches out to personally fix LEGO Fortnite player’s game after inventory loss bug

A happy ending to a scary gamer tale.

Bug reporting is a vital aspect of the player-developer connection in any game, as evidenced by a recent community interaction in LEGO Fortnite.
A recent Reddit thread published by Dot Esports yesterday showed a player’s extremely terrible account of how their whole LEGO Fortnite inventory vanished, with several dozen stacks of stuff in their storage boxes entirely disappearing without explanation.
Not long after the piece was uploaded yesterday, the Redditor, identified KedaiNasi_, submitted an update to their thread, saying that Epic Games representative “privately messaged me with the news that they’ve pinpointed when shit goes down in my world and have reverted it.”

LEGO Jesse Merriam, Fortnite’s senior director of production, contacted Dot Esports to confirm the report that the team restored the player’s in-game timeline to regain their lost things. “We live and die by every piece of player feedback,” Merriam added. “Their builds are amazing and their struggles are ours too.”
Merriam also stated that the development team has “nearly figured out that nasty bug that caused their issue,” and is working hard to prevent a defect like this from occurring again in a future version.

The joyful ending of the story demonstrates that reporting defects is critical to assisting engineers in tracking them down, but it must be done in a fair manner. It’s understandable to be outraged when this happens, but no game developer wants their players to have a negative experience.
It’s unrealistic to expect Epic to personally fix everyone’s game every time there is an issue, but as KedaiNasi_ stated, “if you lost progress like I did, record videos of it, post your videos or pictures in this sub, tag it with the ‘bug’ flair so they’ll know,” and the team may end up reaching out to you to assist as well.

Congratulations to Epic and the player on this positive contact; the entire gaming community may benefit from more of them.


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