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Exclusive: Think you can master the hardest assassin in MLBB? Hoon gives best advice

A masterclass.

Gusion is without a doubt one of the most difficult heroes to learn and master in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

His powers necessitate rapid reactions and pinpoint accuracy. As a result, many new and casual players shun him entirely.

Jang “Hoon” Seong-hun, a professional gamer and content creator, offers a distinct perspective.

As one of the world’s finest Gusion players, he says that the assassin hero is actually simple to play if you follow these recommendations.

3 tips that will help you master Gusion, one of MLBB’s most complex assassin heroes

Source: MLBB

Hoon revealed some of the main issues players have when learning the assassin hero in an exclusive conversation with ONE Esports.

According to him, the major issue that players experience when learning the hero is the misconception that you must always be fast.
“They watch a lot of TikTok videos and then they want to be fast.” “But what’s the point of being quick if you miss every skill you cast?” he wondered.

He recommended players to focus practicality above flashiness, emphasizing the importance of efficiently landing skills rather than aimlessly racing to obtain a kill.

Hoon also emphasized the importance of understanding the hero’s weak early game, warning against trying for kills before level four.

“You have to understand, Gusion is worse than Nana before level four.” So you have to be quite cautious,” he stressed.

He also emphasized the strategic usage of Gusion’s ultimate ability, Iridescence, in team battles. He advises gamers not to utilize it on a single enemy, since this could result in defeat.

“Sometimes all you gotta do is use Swordspike and Shadow Slaughter and then the enemy backline will die,” he went on to say.

He has a lot of damage. So, rather than focusing all of your skills on one hero, you should diversify and wait for the proper chance.”


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