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Monopoly GO: What Happens to Wheel Tokens at the End of the Partner Event?

Monopoly GO's fascinating mini-game Partner event requires wheel tokens. This guide will explain what will happen to them after the events have concluded.

Monopoly Go, as a digital adaption, combines a traditional board game with a variety of exciting elements. This gameplay retains the traditional Monopoly core while also incorporating other fascinating features such as mini-games and events that are created by the Developers on a regular basis to keep the participants interested.

These activities are not only exciting, but also promising in terms of benefits for the participants. To participate in these events, you will require the event currency. One such currency is Monopoly Go’s Wheel tokens, which are used to spin the wheels during the Hot Rods Partner event. As many participants collect these tokens in various ways, a common fear arises among them: What will happen to Wheel tokens once the Partner event is over? This comprehensive guide will provide the answer to your question.

What Happens to Wheel Tokens at the End of Partner Event

In the Partner Event, there are four spaces available on the board. In this game, you and your pals work together to create cars on the designated slots by spinning the wheel with wheel tokens. So these tokens are required to complete this event and receive great rewards with your partners.

However, the Partner event will end on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. Nonetheless, by the end of the event, you may have a large number of extra Wheel tokens collected throughout the game. The thought of losing these tokens at the end of the event may be painful, but don’t worry; they will not be squandered.

After the event, all of your Wheel Tokens will be turned into Cash or Dice Rolls. Cash is essential for purchasing properties in the game, since it boosts your in-game economy and allows you to make strategic decisions about property purchase and board completion. Likewise, dice rolls have their own importance. While many players expect for a conversion into Dice Rolls like the previous Valentine’s Event, the chances of this happening are 50/50.

So it is preferable if you continue to play Monopoly Go and gather as many tokens as possible, as they will not be wasted and will provide reasonable pay. However, Scopely’s decision on the conversion of these tokens is questionable. Typically, in Partner Events, they are more likely to be transformed into dice rolls.

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