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TENCENT Games Plan for PUBG MOBILE Esports In 2024

Pubg Mobile is bringing new tournaments such as PMGO, PMSL in various region. But PMGC and PMWI remains as it is!

There will be significant improvements to PUBG Mobile Esports in 2024, and the competitive landscape will see some exciting announcements. Let’s examine the main points of interest:


The most significant announcement is the launch of the PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO), a brand-new international competition that will take place in Brazil in March and April of 2024. Any team, regardless of affiliation, can fight against the best in this open tournament with a $500,000 prize pool.

Regional PMSL Replaces Country Leagues

The PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL) will take the role of nation-specific leagues like the PMPL in the following four regions:

  • Southeast Asia, or SEA
  • Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, or EMEA
  • Americas,
  • Central and South Asia

All three SEA seasons and the two other regions’ seasons of the PMSL will be played on LAN. The goal of regionalization is to increase opportunities for skilled players and to create a more competitive atmosphere.

Global Tournaments: PMWI and PMGC Remain

The two esteemed international competitions, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) and the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI), will go on as usual. The world’s best teams will compete for highly sought-after titles and substantial prize money in these events.

Other Updates:

  • A brand-new in-game esports option for PUBG Mobile will offer quick access to live broadcasting, results, and tournament scheduling.
  • Tencent is aggressively looking to collaborate with companies and brands to expand the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem.
  • With programs like the “PUBG Mobile Campus Championship” to assist young players, the company is dedicated to building a more inclusive and sustainable esports environment.

All in all, these declarations seem to point to a promising future for PUBG Mobile Esports. A new worldwide competition, a redesigned league system, and ongoing support for big events all point to a competitive landscape that is both accessible and thrilling.


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