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The return of Icebox in Episode 8 has supporters of Valorant on the fence.

As of Episode 8, Icebox will supposedly replace Haven in the map pool, leaving Valorant fans bewildered, while Fnatic is jubilant.

Fans of Valorant are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Episode 8, which will kick off 2024, and there appears to be no shortage of surprises in store for the upcoming episode.

It looks like the new Episode will introduce the Outlaw, a new gun, and there are lots of teasers for the impending Agent in Valorant.

Leaks about Episode 8 continue to surface, and some have speculated that the Map Pool may undergo a significant overhaul in January.

In Episode 8, Icebox might take Haven’s place in the Map Pool, according to ValorLeaks. But he cautions players to take it with a grain of salt because Riot could reverse its decision at any moment.

Regardless, the community still voiced their opinions on the possible map pool shakeup, with some players expressing joy and others wondering why Haven had to go.
Without a doubt, the Valorant team from Fnatic would benefit the most from the move. Prior to its removal in 2022, they possessed the map’s most overwhelming win rate.
Players were confused at the loss of Haven because many in the community were sick of the existing meta in Ascent.

“I don’t understand the reasoning behind the decision to keep Ascent in the map pool,” wrote Anderzz, a coach from Valorant, in regards to the possible removal of Haven.
“Ascent first please, same agent, same tactic, same playstyle,” added Gen.G’s Lakia in regards to the alteration.

“Ascent literally has one comp that all the teams are running compared to Haven where we are seeing Breach, Harbour, Viper, Jett, Raze, Skye, Fade, Killjoy, Cypher, Chamber,” M80’s NiSMO said in response to the possible shift. This is something I just don’t get.

Keep watching January 10, 2024, for the release of Episode 8, because there’s a good chance that plans to remove Haven will change before then.


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