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Unbelievable! A new season of Battlefield 2042 will launch.

DICE has confirmed Season 7 is coming to Battlefield 2042 in March next year.

Even after all these time has passed since its release, it still seems foolish to write Battlefield 2042 off. Nobody anticipated any additional seasons following the release of Season 6, but DICE obviously had different plans.

The creator said that Battlefield 2042 will have a seventh season, and they even said that it would start in March 2024.The news comes as a big surprise, since 2024 would be Battlefield 2042’s third year, which is longer than the normal time between updates for Battlefield games. What’s more interesting is that DICE said in the announcement that the “massive” season will have more than one area.

The first season of Battlefield 2042 always had one new map and, if possible, a few changes made to the game’s original levels. If we understand this right, it means that Season 7 will add at least two.

It’s not clear if those maps will be brand-new or remakes of maps from older games. From what DICE has said about this one (like “packed with a whole load of new content”), it doesn’t sound like Season 7 will be a small, “end of the world” kind of event.

Yes, Season 7 of #Battlefield2042 will be out in March.

New material, like maps, will be added all the time during this huge Season.

Have fun at the Holiday Protocol event, and we’ll see you in the New Year

The tweet came from Battlefield on December 14, 2023.

This is especially interesting because everyone thought Season 5 would be the last season of the game. After Season 6 came out, players also thought that would be the end of DICE’s backing for the game.

This choice may have been helped by the huge increase in popularity of Battlefield 2042, which broke all-time Steam concurrent records and kept players interested even after the sales and free weekends.

It’s important to note, though, that the number of players in Battlefield 2042 has dropped and is now back to where it was before Season 6. As of this writing, Battlefield 5 is the most-sold Battlefield game on Steam.

This holiday season, Battlefield 2042 is having its own event in-game called Holiday Protocol. Over the course of four weeks, the event’s four modes will become available: Rapid Strike, Attack of the Elves, Infantry Conquest Chaos, and Pondhawk Superiority. A new prize is given to players every week as well.


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