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When is Mobile Legends Season 30 End Date?

Season 31 of Mobile Legends is quickly approaching, and it will have a special Faramis skin among other changes!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) begins a new Ranked season every three months, rewarding players who have earned a specific Rank. The game is now in Season 30 and will soon begin Season 31.

Season 31 will include the introduction of Mobile Legends’ newest hero, Cici, as well as a new look for the Ranked medals. More information is provided below!

Mobile Legends Season 30 end date

Season 30 of Mobile Legends will expire on December 22, 2023 at 23:59:59 server time. Moonton will take two hours after the season concludes to begin Season 31, which will begin at 02:00:00 server time.It should be noted that the Mobile Legends server time adheres to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) timezone. The server time in Mobile Legends may be seen in the upper-right corner of the screen under Settings.

For other timezones, here is the Mobile Legends Season 30 conclusion time/Season 31 start time:

  • 07:59:59 SGT / 09:00:00 SGT (next day)
  • 18:59:59 EST / 20:00:00 EST

What’s teased inside Mobile Legends Season 31

Moonton’s YouTube channel has posted a quick preview of Season 31 as well as the upcoming 1.8.44 patch. Here is a list of all the future stuff!

The new hero, Cici

The upcoming Season 31 in Mobile Legends will be the fourth season of this year. Alongside updates to the Ranked season, we’ll also celebrate the arrival of Cici, Mobile Legends’ newest hero!

Cici, the Buoyant Performer, will be the 123rd hero in Mobile Legends. She is a Fighter that deals a lot of physical damage while also being able to heal herself in battle. Cici was supposed to come on December 23, along with the start of the new Ranked season.However, an in-game announcement informed players that her inclusion in the game has been postponed indefinitely. Moonton is usually speedy with these adjustments, so Cici should be here shortly!

A reward for Mythic players: How to get the Faramis “Infernal Magister” Mythic skin

To obtain the unique Faramis “Infernal Magister” skin, you must have achieved the Mythic rank in all three previous seasons this year, as well as by the end of Season 30. This means that you must be a Mythic rank at the end of all seasons in 2023 to receive this reward.

Credit: Rsports GG

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