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Trailer For New Warzone Map Oreys on 2020 Nostalgia—And it’s Quite Dramatic

The BR mode wants you and your squad back, badly.

Activision enjoys reminding players that Modern Warfare 3 is not Modern Warfare 2, and the trailer for Warzone’s new level, Urzikstan, continues this tendency.
The new map, which will be available in season one on Wednesday, December 6, was showed off in spectacular form in today’s video. The two-minute film, set to dramatic music aiming to recall emotions and memories from the original Warzone’s climax during the 2020 pandemic, features an operator playing the piano.

Many players have left Warzone in recent years for a number of reasons, including my own squad, so this trailer appears to be Activision’s “hey, come back, the game is good again” message. That remains to be seen, but some key issues about Warzone 2.0 have been solved simply by incorporating the movement system from MW3, as well as new perks and other modifications or subtractions.

As with MW3, some improvements in Warzone appear to be intended to roll back or remedy changes made in the 2.0 version of the game, which premiered last year alongside MW2. The trailer concludes with more streamer buzzword statements and a final image of a squad standing on the plane before dropping in.

In the end, it all comes down to the map. While many gamers long for the days of Verdansk, Warzone’s original experience, Urzikstan may be the closest thing to it since then. For the past month, the terrain has been playable in MW3 Zombies, but the BR experience should be radically different.
Will your squad return to Warzone for Urzikstan? I believe it is too late for my friend group, but I hope you all drop hot this week for old times sake.

Urzikstan and the revamped Warzone experience will be available in MW3’s season one update on Wednesday, December 6, at 12pm CT.


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