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Resident Evil 4 VR releasing as free PS5 update next week

Originally only slated for a vague winter release window, the Resident Evil 4 remake’s VR mode is said to be launching next week for PlayStation 5 on Dec. 8.

Although it is a free update for all game owners, a demo will be made available on the same day. Perhaps to convince PSVR 2 owners to purchase Resident Evil 4. To play the game in VR, you’ll obviously need a PSVR 2 headset, and the mode is limited to the PS5 version, as there’s no mention of it being compatible with the original PSVR headset for PlayStation 4.
Although it hasn’t been expressly confirmed, you’ll most likely get to play Resident Evil 4 in first-person, which will make the action even more tense and horrifying when swarms of foes swarm after you. Resident Evil Village’s VR feature contained the full game, so it stands to reason that Resident Evil 4 will do the same.
Unless Capcom has any more surprises in store, this will be the last big update for Resident Evil 4. Earlier this year, the game’s fan-favorite Mercenaries mode was launched as a free update alongside the premium DLC Separate Ways, which allows you to play as Ada Wong and see the game’s events through her eyes.

Capcom is the only one who knows what the series’ future holds. Although a Resident Evil 9 remake is likely in the works, the ending of the Resident Evil 4 remake has many believing that the firm will remake Resident Evil 5. It’s already been reported that Capcom has no plans for any Resident Evil remakes in 2024, however, whether that means there will be no Resident Evil games at all that year is another topic entirely.


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