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The Most Odd Aspect of the Insomniac Leak Regarding Marvel’s Spider-Man 3

Among the many unexpected details leaked by the major Insomniac Games leak was Marvel's Spider-Man 3, which was actually the most out of the ordinary.

The massive leak from Insomniac Games revealed a wealth of information about the studio’s future, as well as a deeper understanding of the PlayStation brand through sales statistics and exclusivity partnerships. Over the next five years, Insomniac will create a Venom video game, an X-Men project, and a new Ratchet & Clank game. Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 is also in the works, which is not surprising given how evident the setup for another game was in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. What is surprising, however, is the possibility of a two-part game.
Along with the disheartening news that Insomniac canceled a Marvel’s Spider-Man co-op game that would have been a live service release, fans of the franchise now know that Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 will be a two-part game. Nobody knows what the game will be called, but if it is a full sequel, it will most likely be called Marvel’s Spider-Man 4. Given the game’s impending release dates, it is feasible to speculate on the franchise’s rumored two-part climax.

Implications of Marvel’s Spider-Man 3’s Splitting Up

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 May Be Conveying An Epic Tale

Several things might be happening with Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 if Insomniac plans to release the first part around the holidays in 2027 and the second half in the holiday window of 2028. A huge cliffhanger is probably going to end the first half of the game, to start with. If Peter decides to take a break for a while, the first part may center on Silk and Miles Morales, while the second part could include Peter’s return to face off against his archenemy Doc Ock. On the other hand, Insomniac Games might take a page out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s playbook—a year passed between Infinity War and Endgame—and have fans buzzing about a major character reveal or death until the next installment drops.
A two-part game could work with a cliffhanger or a plot that grants equal screen time to the two villains teased for the game. Unlike Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which had Venom underused and failed to give him enough screen time, the first half of the game might center on Green Goblin, giving him plenty of opportunity to shine. The first part of the plot focuses on Goblin; the second half could center on Doc Ock, whose personal rivalry with Peter Parker is heating up. There are enough plot connections to warrant a two-part release, but with a year between installments, players shouldn’t expect major gameplay problems.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 Could Be Split into Two Episodes for Yet Another Reason

The fact that Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 is a two-part game may possibly be due to business, with Insomniac Games attempting to make the series’ enormous expenditures easier to bear for Sony. With the production of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 costing $350 million and its sequel similarly projected to be costly, producing one large game and breaking it into two sections might practically double its sales, since most gamers would want to stick around to witness the complete tale. Though Insomniac may simply want the largest possible conclusion to its Spider-Man saga, with a two-part game feeling like a genuine event, cash might be a huge driver as well.
Obviously, fans should take the leaked material with a grain of salt, since plans may alter behind the scenes before Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 debuts, and gamers may be reading too much into the two-part information – even if it is difficult to argue against the proof. Perhaps “Part 2” will simply be a semi-sequel based on Silk or a large DLC expansion, with Insomniac simply calling to this game as Part 2 internally because to its shared budget and concept. Still, the prospect of getting Marvel’s Spider-Man games in consecutive years excites enthusiasts.


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